Church Consulting


Many churches have pre-marital education, but few have strong programs in relationship education or crisis couple management.


We offer churches:

  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • We are happy to accept couple referrals for troubled relations in our Marriage 3.0 weekends upon request

  • Conduct pre-marital seminars

  • Mentoring ministry training

  • Preaching series on marriage and relationships.


Content includes use of online inventories to determine strengths and grow areas in couple lives. 


Modules include:

  • Family of origin issues

  • Why couples choose each other

  • Expectations and why they cripple relationships

  • Managing behaviors regardless of feelings

  • How to communicate so each partner can know they have been heard, understood, cared about and obtained changes in behavior

  • The role of feelings v. conscious behavior

  • Random acts of kindness

  • Traditions, celebrations and dates

  • Financial maturity

  • The joys and benefits of married sex

  • Equalitarian roles

  • Accountability