At 24k Gold Marriage we contend that failure of universities to teach research-backed skills-based relationship education costs them significant reductions in alumni giving during the time their alumni are divorced.  The majority of university graduates will marry and within 10 years as many as 50% will divorce.  If you knew you could impact even a fraction of that keeping families intact and encouraging them to continue to give to their alma mater, wouldn’t you want to do that?


To help prevent this we offer:

  • Weekend workshops or retreats for student couples and/or faculty families

  • Minimester curriculum compacting the full program of relationship education into a month long series

  • Semester long courses meeting 3x/week

  • Content is similar to what offer churches

The veracity of this kind of relationship education was pioneered at Seattle Pacific University began when Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott persuaded university administration to allow them to participate in registration.  The university was reluctant, but finally gave them a small classroom that would hold about 20.  


Within a few minutes after registration began that room was full and they had to go back to the administration to see if there was something else available.  All that was left was a small auditorium that held 250.  They filled up the larger space and the program has been going uninterrupted every year since then.


We can provide that to your university as well.